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Jalan Kota, Melaka / Melaka 75200
The Museum is nicely tucked between two other Museums but its small size is really charming. There you can visit 4 upstairs rooms and 1 downstairs room as well as a gift shop which sells stamps. Do not expect full fledge exhibition of world history of stamps but if you are interested to know more about the history of Malaysian philatelic since the era of colonial time this is the place. The collection includes mostly Malaysian stamps, much from the British colonial period; some random international and modern era stamps are available to be seen as well. The fee is very minimal and highly affordable for the whole family. If you want to buy stamps there is also a stamp shop which is attended by the friendly Mr. Khoo, who gladly assist you to choose a big collections of FDC, stamps and even banknotes not only Malaysian issue but some foreign as well.

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  1. K Lee says:

    You cannot expect this small museum to exhibit a full-fledged display of world stamps but it definitely deserves a visit. If you are someone who is interested in knowing the Malaysian history, then this is the place to be. It also houses a small stamp shop where you can buy stamps, FDC and even banknotes.

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