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Magic Art Museum

Open in April 2015, the Magic Art Museum is located in the Bayou Lagoon Park Resort. This place offers visitors with interesting and even quirky 3D art that are fun for photo taking. Entrance Fee Adult: ... Read More


Upside Down House Gallery

As the name suggested, the Upside Down House Gallery is a fun place where you all the furniture and decors are placed upside down. The director has more than 10 years’ experience in tourism industry. Due ... Read More


Lockdown – Real Escape Game

Lockdown is neither a haunted house nor maze. It is more about real escape game experience with storyline support and teamwork involved. The minimum number of required players is 2 and maximum 8. Each game takes ... Read More


Melaka Alive

Brought to you by Nuevo Attraction & Destination Sdn Bhd, Melaka Alive is a popular tourist destination to transport visitors back into the golden ages of Melaka. It is a theatrical arena where the artists in ... Read More

Best of 2016

Jonker Street

Popularly called the Jonker Street, Jonker Walk or the Jonker Hang Jebat, this street is a very attractive place in Melaka and a popular area to visit. Whether you want to hunt for the best food ... Read More

Best of 2016

Malacca River Cruise

Melaka River tour should be one of the first things to do in Melaka, so you can get an overview of the area and see which restaurant suits you best. This state has done a great ... Read More

Best of 2016

Dataran Pahlawan Megamall

The historical Melaka doesn’t deny its visitor the pleasure to indulge in modern shopping. The Dataran Pahlawan Megamall in the Banda Hilir region has all the globally major brands and caters to shoppers across all ages. ... Read More


Old Town Clog Shoes

If you are relaxing in the Jonker Street area, you definitively should visit Old Town Clog Shoes! They supply original and lovely handmade wooden clogs, hand-crafted beaded shoes and different antique and handmade souvenirs. The entire ... Read More


Joe’s Design

There is a lady’s secret place in Melaka called Joe’s Design where you can find many different and original handmade jewellery, trinkets and unique light shades and lamps. As soon as you enter there you’ll become ... Read More

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