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27 Jalan Kota, Malacca / Melaka 75200

Bamboo Hut is a warm open space restaurant that offers great multi-cultural food. The food taste is nice; starting off with appetizer funghi trifolati (toasted bread with a dip of creamy mushroom), chicken wings and moving on to local nasi goreng kampong (local fried rice). For drinks, it serves the 900ml beer (Big Foot size), cocktails and fresh juices.

Ms. Chong and her staff are always very inviting, helpful and attentive, and Dino plays some mean Muzak-styled beats during his sets. The place is ideal for football fanatics who can hang out there at the after-hours for a football treat. Occasional discounts and promos are available.


The exterior of Bamboo Hut is quite in sync with its neighboring joints. The restaurant is situated right under the Aldy Hotel which is prominently painted in red. The entrance is very oriental resembling a hut with Chinese characters inscribed on the plagues.


The interior of Bamboo Hut simply flashes the quirkiness and hip quotient. The bar reveals its fandom towards football with small banners of English based clubs hung from the bar counter. The ventilation and natural lighting is exceptionally good as the dining area adopts an open concept.

Sumptuous Italian and Local Food

Served with bread, Funghi Trifolati is simple sautéed mushrooms on crostini. It is a basic Italian truffle and the rich taste of the thick gravy nicely complements the plain toasted bread.

Funghi Trifolati….RM15

The key factor to have a good taste of any types of oyster dishes is for the oyster to be served fresh. Bamboo Hut not only ensures the freshness of the oysters, but they use high quality cheese and baked to perfection. A small bowl of fried squid is served to enhance the savory taste of this dish.

Baked Oysters – 1/2 dozen….RM23

Options for local dishes are available at Bamboo Hut too. Served together with finely cooked fried rice with poached egg, traditional satay and prawn crackers, the signature Kampung Fried Rice is truly a village style local dish that you must give it a try!

Kampung Fried Rice….RM13

Spaghetti Aragusta comes with generous serving of lobster, scallops and tomato. With just the right amount of specially-made sauce, the taste proves to be quite compelling.

Spaghetti Aragusta….RM28

For the seafood lovers, this is the dish that you can’t resist. Seafood Treasure is a complete trove of tiger prawns, grilled salmon and a bowl of squid and mussel soup. For us, the tiger prawn was a bit overcooked but nonetheless, the overall taste doesn’t disappoint us.

Seafood Treasure….RM65
Interview with Miss Lee, marketing manager of Bamboo Hut
Q1. Before becoming a master chef at Bamboo Hut, Chef Yeo gained some experiences in overseas. Can you tell us a bit of his culinary background?

Lee: Our Masterchef has been working as a chef for more than 20 years and has been the head chef in Bamboo Hut since the very beginning, which is about 12 years ago. Before becoming our head chef, he was working with Italian chefs and so is very well versed in Italian cooking. Also, as a true Malaysian, he has been exposed to our local delights since young. Thus, he works hard to recreate the wonderful flavours that he grew up with.

Q2. Serving both local and western cuisines may give the impression that you can’t be specialising both. How do you ensure the food served is always of high quality?

Lee: First, we source the freshest ingredients possible from our suppliers. Then, we perfect our cooking via customer feedback. Halfway through every meal, our servers will try to ask all of our customers their thoughts on the food and drinks. They will then relay the comments, both good and bad back to the kitchen. If there are customers who are unsatisfied, we give them the option to either a. change the food or b. receive a discount. A happy customer is our top most priority.

Q3. Situated in the midst of major historical attractions, your restaurant is serving more tourists than locals. What is the proportion of the patrons who are tourists?

Lee: I would say that tourists can take up to about 50% of our customer base as Bamboo Hut is situated right smacked in the tourist center. This percentage also increases during holiday peak seasons. That being said, we also have a big number of local customers whom we value very much.

Q4. Having good service is one of the keys to get the customers to keep coming back. How do you engage them?

Lee: I would say that tourists can take up to about 50% of our customer base as Bamboo Hut is situated right smacked in the tourist center. This percentage also increases during holiday peak seasons. That being said, we also have a big number of local customers whom we value very much.

Q5. The restaurant operates as part of the hotel business. Do you want people to remember Bamboo Hut Bistro as a hotel restaurant or rather a restaurant of its own?

Lee: I think we would like Bamboo Hut to be remembered as a restaurant of its own. While we are under the same management as Aldy Hotel, our customers are not the same and we aim to achieve different things.

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  1. Tee says:

    I am organizing a department dinner about 30 pax.
    Is there any dedicated zone for those event?

    • Go Admin says:

      Hi, you can reserve the rooftop area of the Aldy Hotel for your event or inside the restaurant at the ground level. You may contact the restaurant at +606-2829282 to get more details.

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