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46, Lorong Hang Jebat, Malacca / Melaka 75200

This is a new cozy ice-cream café. This shop has its own unique designs, such as using coconut shell for the lightings and the signage of the shop was really cute. They offer all coconut favorites – juice, shakes, jelly, ice-cream with various toppings and shakes made of coconut meat, juice and ice cream of your choice – very delicious and refreshing – exactly the right choice for those hot days!


A wooden supported black board with chalk written food item names are visible just outside the shop. The walls are colourfully painted with a woman wearing a bikini and side walls leading to the inside part have sea side painting.


A brick wall reception area is located on the left, table and chairs on middle and right side wall has a red background painting with customer’s feedback. The entire place is clean and well maintained. The friendly and welcoming staff prepares shakes and crunches with a mixer, juicer and grinding machine.

Food Menu

The menu with price are written with colourful chalk on a green coloured board. Towards the right and left are photographs of some of the available food items pasted in orderly manner. Facebook link of the venue is also written on the board.

Served in a coconut shell, the vanilla ice cream exudes the light coconut flavor. The oreo chips on top add the crunchiness to this mouth-watering dessert.

Bikini Ice Cream….RM6.9

Ice-blended with fresh coconut water, the drink can be combined with variety of ice cream flavours like chendol, yam, strawberry and coffee. The taste is fresher and more natural than the famous Klebang Coconut Milk Shake as Bikini Toppings use Thai coconut water as opposed to the less sweet local coconut.

Bikini Shake….RM6.9

As the signature dessert, the soft and bouncy coconut jelly is served in an open coconut shell. This is such an refreshing dessert to gulp down without any bites.

Bikini Jelly….RM5.5

Want something more filling? Bikini Waffle has the complete texture one is looking for in a dessert. The freshly baked waffle gives the crispness and your choice of ice cream makes the whole thing melt in your mouth. It’s simply yummy!

Bikini Waffle….RM7.9

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