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51 Lorong Hang Jebat, Malacca / Melaka 75200

Melaka is all about history. This museum details the travels of Admiral Cheng Ho and his fleet. The historical figure of Cheng Ho is a fascinating character and seems to be very significant in the history of Chinese explorations and trade overseas. You will love the reconstructions of the ship and some of the quirky stories about the voyages. The museum’s displays put into context Cheng Ho’s voyages with the big pictures of Chinese history and world-wide explorations and sea-voyages. The video presentation of how the old Melaka developed until its current day is mainly pretty interesting.

Guided tour is available if you come in a big group. The guide will explain how Cheng Ho prepared for the trips with a Chinese physician on board each ship, his plans to keep scurvy at bay and how communication was made possible among the different ships. Also there is a special, creative and locally produced puppet show. You will find this visit very educational and interesting.

Old Melaka Village

This gallery gives a look into the village life of Malaccans. Artificial reconstructions of ships, grinding equipments, and vintage household equipments are on display. Old architecture, artefacts and sea voyage objects visually speak of life and times of a different era.

Ship Gallery

This section consists of the documents and physical evidence of massive ships which sailed during Ming dynasty. The exhibits, reconstructions and historic items give an informative description. Metal closets, shelves, trading ports and dragon items are put on display.

Inside The Treasure Ship

This part of the museum has models of large giraffe, mock ups of sailing ships, and fleet related objects on display. Reconstructions of vessels, antique vase, architecture, wall hangings and many other aspects of traditional culture are on exhibit.

Antique Gallery

Antique items for household or decorative purposes are placed in glass chamber perfectly on display. It includes plates, vessels and vases of different sizes and blue prints are presented. Each item has relevant information provided.

Garden Courtyard

A well maintained place, this courtyard has an old world look with classic wooden furnishings in architecture. Plants are being raised on vases placed at different corners. The staircases take the visitors on the first floor which has corridors with blackish railings.

Other Gallery

The museum has a gallery which is unlike the other sections. This place has artificial models of horse cart, large bell and informative descriptions craved nicely on walls. It preserves many aspects of the history of Malacca in a unique way.

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  1. Teng says:

    The restoration of the house has done justice to the voyages of Cheng Ho. You may not know anything about him and will have certain degree of respect after the tour. The staffs were helpful and welcoming. Do not miss the reconstruction of Cheng Ho’s ship.

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