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Jalan Kota, Melaka / Melaka 75200

Dated back to the 18th century, Christ Church is one of the most recognizable images of Melaka in Dutch Square. This church is one of a kind; its red color is very unique and remarkable. Just enter, stay silent and take a moment to be at peace with yourself. It’s cool and peaceful inside and provides welcome relief from the outside noise and bustle.

There is an interesting list of clergymen who served the Church here and it is worth reflecting on what life must have been like for them in times past. Anyone visiting the church should consider a donation to keep it up as the church is expected to maintain this building that is such an icon of this city. Remember to always be respectful in such historic places. Photography is allowed inside the church.


The exterior of the ancient church speaks of monumental perfection as the building is fine and firm. The red color of the church makes it a distinctive spot on Melaka’s tourist attraction. The metal bell on the arch top makes it similar to old vintage castles.

Inside the Church

The prayer area is quite spacious with adequate seating arrangements. The wooden alter and seats are typical like any other churches and visitors are given a serene and peaceful ambience as they enter it.

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  1. Gina Lewensky says:

    I could see before my eyes the oldest of the Protestant churches in Malaysia as I stood before the Christ Church. The interior of the church looked exquisite and beautiful adorned in English, Armenian, and Dutch memorial plaques. I got some nice snaps of the exterior of this Dutch architecture as camera wasn’t allowed in.

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