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Sam Po Kong Temple, Jalan Puteri Hang Li Poh, Malacca / Melaka 75200
It’s just like an ordinary well to an average person but to a historian, this well has its history. It’s is said that this well never dries up even during the drought season. So it was the source of water for the folk around the area during the old days. Now, it is not properly maintained and the water is not that clean. It has now become a wishing well. Some visitors tend to make the well, as if it is a wishing well and probably there might be over a ton of coins lying at the bottom of it by now. One of the places where tour guides will bring you.

This well was located at a temple. Although it is a part of Melaka historic that mark the arrival of Chinese from China through a royal marriage between Puteri Hang Li Poh and Melaka Sultan, it has only a well to see.

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