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Jalan Hang Jebat, Malacca / Melaka 75200

Popularly called the Jonker Street, Jonker Walk or the Jonker Hang Jebat, this street is a very attractive place in Melaka and a popular area to visit. Whether you want to hunt for the best food in Melaka, shop for boutique and souvenirs or visit the award-winning museums and gallery shops, you will not be disappointed here.

There is a saying that if you haven’t visited Jonker Street, you haven’t been to Melaka!

A Great Shopping Hotspot

Jonker Street is definitely a shopping hotspot crowded by the tourists and locals alike. A shopaholic cannot get further addicted than when at the Jonker Walk where the shops stealthily stand from the pre-war times. Besides some of the most beautiful antiques, you can also find locally-made products. A list of famous shops are the Orang Utan House, San Shu Gong, Pineapple Tarts House, Abdul Antique; and the list definitely does not end here!

Try to explore not just the Jonker Street alone, the adjacent streets are lined with souvenir shops in addition to the traditional restaurants as well. You get lots of things in this area with different varieties of food, clothes, souvenirs, museum, temples etc.

Night Market

The street is closed off for traffic on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the evening to turn into a very crowded night market. Open until 12 midnight, you will like all people beginning to prepare the sales of over a thousand products you can buy there. Food, hats, electronics, ice creams, drinks of all kinds, children stuff even pastels de nata.

Street Performance

Sometimes, you’ll stumble upon the street performance at night when the street is closed during the weekends. The visitors are given a treat in stunt shows and other dare devil acts.

Jonker Walk Garden

The Jonker Walk Garden is a place to get some rest after a long walk. Washrooms are available here. The garden has sculptures of the famous Datuk Wira who is considered as the Father of Bodybuilder in Malaysia is also an advocate of turning Jonker Street into a highly touristic area.

Main Attractions

Jonker Street has many attractions apart from shopping markets and restaurants. The place is famous for the Kampung Kling Mosque, the ancient structure of history. it also has the Cheeng Hoong Teng Temple and the famous Cheng Ho Cultural Museum.

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  1. Wendy says:

    Easily the most popular place in the city of Melaka, Jonker Street should be at the top of your “To-be-visited” list when you reach Melaka. This street is always bustling with people as a number of local attractions and historical landmarks are within its close radius, including souvenir/antique shops and restaurants.

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