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Melaka River tour should be one of the first things to do in Melaka, so you can get an overview of the area and see which restaurant suits you best. This state has done a great job making a nice river walk a la San Antonio. It’s quiet, clean and pleasant to stroll. There is lots of good graffiti art on the buildings which adds to the atmosphere. This is a real nice touch in hectic Southeast Asia, where cramming as much stuff into tiny places seems to be the norm.

You can see nice restaurants, bars and shops scatter along the river. If you want to get explanations or the story behind the design along the river, the river cruise provides narrative guide; great value of money, very informative and pretty.

Ticketing Counter

The ticket counter for Melaka River Cruise opens daily from 9 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. The ticket costs RM5 for children aged below 12. The price for local and foreigner adults is RM10 and RM15 respectively.

Jetty and Waiting Area
Jetty at estuary

Melaka River Cruise has a beautiful jetty and waiting area. There is broad walking space with railing along the bank of the river. Thus, you get a clear view of the river. Brightly coloured tent-like canopies form the shelter for the area.

Jetty at the end point

Night River Cruise Tour

Melaka River Cruise operates at night as well as during the day. The experience is considerably different during from that at night. The day cruise allows tourists to appreciate the details of the natural beauty while the night cruise offers opportunity to enjoy the man-induced glitz.

Melaka River View

Melaka River is not a very broad water body. So, the manmade features and the decor on either side of the river are clearly visible.

The best time to take the ride is during the dusk hour. Almost the entire length of the bank is lit with decorative lights.

Famous Melaka Location

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  1. C.Y. Lim says:

    The convenient location of the hotel made it easier for me to access the Malacca River. I took the river cruise during night time and it was no doubt a fascinating ride. The beautiful view of the town available from the river offers several opportunities to have some nice pictures.

  2. Darien says:

    The river very smelly and dirty it make me doesn’t want to ride the river cruise

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