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Complex Warisan, Jalan Kota, Malacca / Melaka 75000
The Malacca Sultanate Palace is a replica and was interestingly constructed without the use of a single nail. It appropriately holds galleries of the pre-colonial rule, a time when this was a very important seat of power for the entire Malaysian peninsula and surrounding area. The place has seven gallery rooms revealing what a Sultanate chamber meeting might have been like. There are displays of Malay dress, arts and crafts as well. The building dates from the beginning of the 20th century, but gives a nice view of the life and culture in the former sultanate and the history of Melaka. Signs are both Malay and English. Good for those with young kids too. Visits here are very affordable and include a garden area called “The Forbidden Garden”, depicting what is believed to have been present during this time period. Since Melaka is often hot and humid, taking a walk in the museum would provide a reprieve from the heat.

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2 Responses to Malacca Sultanate Palace

  1. Yan Zi says:

    The palace is both beautiful and quiet that gives one immense opportunity to explore the beauty in their own way. Definitely a contrast when compared with Central Melaka’s heat and hectic street life. The sultanate history is showcased here with interesting narratives and dioramas. You won’t be regretting even for a moment.

  2. Doug says:

    What a surprise this was. A place of serenity in a place of history. The garden was beautiful.
    Well looking for and visiting

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