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No G35 & G37 Jalan PM 4, Plaza Mahkota, Bandar Hilir, Malacca / Melaka 75200

If you are vegetarian, you would love this place and if you are not, you will still love it. They have a very unique menu and the Chinese and western style vegetarian cuisine is not only delicious, it’s also healthy. They also offer a great selection of herbal teas, they make own infusions. A great aroma and refreshing tea is just what your body needs after a great meal and a long day.


Spanning two shop lots, the vegetarian restaurant has glass windows and doors that give a clear picture of the inside view from the exterior. The décor is basic with a lighted signage that flashes the restaurant’s name and the genre of food they serve.


The interior is quite different from the outside as it has a posh urban look. The flowing white wall and minimal furniture makes it uniquely different. The décor is done up keeping the vegan menu in mind as it makes it a refreshing yet cosy environment.

Unique Vegan Recipe

The tea is brewed up with various types of dry flowers and tea leaves and goes very well with the crowd. The beverage vitalizes the mind and is ideal after a hearty vegan meal for digestion.

Mix Flower Tea….RM12 per pot (1-6 pax)

Deep frying assorted soybean gives you the texture and taste similar as a deep fried fish. Topped with thai-style sweet sour sauce and chopped cucumber, this is such an appetizing dish.

Deep Fried Fish Slice Top With Spice Home Made Spice Sauce(泰式鱼片)….RM12

Even though the taste of this dish doesn’t the prawn’s flavor, the aroma of the cereal and the crispy texture are children’s favorite.

Cereal Prawn(麦片虾)….RM12

The chef has given this typical potato salad a twist by adding good amount of raisins to enhance the natural sweetness and the use of healthier homemade mayonnaise bring out the essence of this dish.

Potato Salad(薯块沙拉)….RM10

Tofu is essential for vegan to get protein in a non-meat diet. The dish not only provides the added nutrition from mushrooms and tomato, the texture is smooth with light natural taste.

Man Yuan Steam Tofu(满园蒸豆腐)….RM12

This is a dish with simple preparation that requires stir frying celyon spinach with vege oyster sauce and sprinkled with sesame to give the final touch. It is best to take with other strong-flavored dishes to balance the taste.

Stirred Fried Ceylon Spinach with Sesame (麻香帝皇苗)….RM10

Ending your meal with Pumpkin & Sago that exudes natural sweetness and the smoothest texture is highly recommended.

Pumpkin & Sago (金瓜西米露)….RM3.8

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