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111,Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200, Melaka, Malaysia

If you are relaxing in the Jonker Street area, you definitively should visit Old Town Clog Shoes! They supply original and lovely handmade wooden clogs, hand-crafted beaded shoes and different antique and handmade souvenirs. The entire process of creating shoes from cutting to painting is unique and handmade.

Clogs are footwear made mostly or completely from wood. They have evolved from heavy labor essential footwear to fashion and dance accessories. In Asia, clogs are mostly used as protective clothing in agriculture, factories and mines. Europeans are crazy about these special and expensive (in Europe) shoes.

This shop is preferred by foreigners and its staff is ready to welcome any person that has an eye for beautiful, nice and affordable shoes. You can buy the ready-made clog shoes or get a custom design that cater to your preferences. It may take a few months to make one pair of clog shoes and the price goes up to a few hundreds ringgit.

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