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Lying between two states – Johor and Negeri Sembilan, Melaka served as an ideal trading destination in the early history of Malaysia attracting Indian, Chinese and Asian traders in huge numbers. The place is home to historic architecture and diverse mix of cultures enticing tourists from every corner of the world.
The place was first occupied by the Chinese immigrants that led to the foundation of Chinese observances and festivals that are still prevalent these days. Chinatown in Melaka serves as a popular tourist destination. Islam is widely practiced in the region which is reminded by the constant Muslim calls to prayer. Little India is the place in Melaka where one can find thriving Hindu culture and various festivals which include bizarre feats of self-control and courage along with yogic trances.
Wealthy trade which took place in Melaka city is quite evident from the colonial architecture that still stands today. There are basically two section of the city – old Melaka and new Melaka. Older part of Melaka is famous for its historical attractions and is fairly compact. The other part of Melaka which can be considered as new Melaka lies across Melaka River. This place is a perfect reflection of the modern day architecture and lifestyle. There are lots of shopping centres and entertainment facilities available in new Melaka. Just outside the town, there are quite a few beaches as well as offshore islands accompanied by a golf course and resorts.


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