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Sid’s Pub

Very good and relaxing pub with the best live band performance that lighten up the environment. The price is affordable with friendly staff with nice and delicious food variety. Great location with a lovely view along ... Read More


SALUD Tapas Bar & Restaurant

Impressed by the food, Secreto Iberico is so juicy and tender, Sangria was refreshing n good. Definitely worth a visit especially for the typical Spanish menu and delicious wines on offer in a very cool environment. ... Read More


Kaya Kaya Cafe

Quiet and qwaint cafe. Very cosy and great mellow ambience with good choice of slow music from jazz to oldies. Has a rustic and post indistrialise feel. Delicious food coupled with friendly staff. Highly recommeded and ... Read More


Belge Cafe

Food is excellent. Beer is high quality as well. Rotating food and beer menu. Quaint and romantic, yet nice for a small group of friends. Highly recommend their pork meatballs and homemade mashed potato. The chef’s ... Read More


Straits Affair

Indeed a great experience having dine-in in Straits Affair. All kueys served and especially iced balls are at high level of quality as well as the service and cleanliness internally. This is a very simple and ... Read More


Seeds Garden Bistro

Can you enjoy nice food, save the earth, learn about herbs, and recreate yourself in one place? We announce the opening of Seeds Garden Bistro, a plant-herb based bistro, located in the core zone of the ... Read More


Man Yuan Fang

If you are vegetarian, you would love this place and if you are not, you will still love it. They have a very unique menu and the Chinese and western style vegetarian cuisine is not only ... Read More


Bamboo Hut Bistro

Bamboo Hut is a warm open space restaurant that offers great multi-cultural food. The food taste is nice; starting off with appetizer funghi trifolati (toasted bread with a dip of creamy mushroom), chicken wings and moving ... Read More


The Daily Fix Cafe

The Daily Fix Cafe is located at Jonker Street. It is housed at the back of a heritage building and is owned by Julian, a young chap graduated from the university in Australia. Subtly decorated at ... Read More


Tuk Tuk Kitchen & Bar

Tuk Tuk Kitchen and Bar serves authentic Thai delicacies. The restaurant has a very unique décor and is recommended for quality Thai food in Melaka. The menu scales in the grill fish platter but the service ... Read More

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