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Food Panda

Melaka is a fun-filled city with wide range of restaurants. Read more about the best restaurants in Melaka here. Foodpanda is an online food delivery service in Malaysia. Currently, the service is available in Kuala Lumpur, ... Read More


Chef Anthony’s Restaurant

The restaurant’s intimacy, the excellent quality of services and the flavor of Portuguese cuisine and Sangria wine create the ideal atmosphere for a family romantic evening or for a business lunch. The owner, Anthony, a Portuguese ... Read More


AK 47 Café

AK47 is a Thai contemporary cuisine retreat in the heart of Melaka. This restaurant offers you an intricate variety of Thai dishes, carefully designed and crafted by the owner, Peter, a local Chinese who married with ... Read More


Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant

If you are looking for an intimate place, especially as there are not so many in Melaka, go to Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant. In a pleasant ambience and with a good music you can try the ... Read More


Limau Limau Café

The best place to visit for breakfasts and lunches. The fact that European cuisine place, Limau Limau Café, is owned by a local Chinese woman, Sharen, is a great reason to go there and to make ... Read More


Sea Terrace

Sea terrace is a modest local on the Portuguese settlement. The ambience of this restaurant is very good with much to view on the walls and surroundings. The friendly staff always greets you cordially and is ... Read More


The River Grill

This place offers very nice Malaysian style fare and some great local food that is a cut above the norm. The interior is very pleasant, modern and comfortable. You will find there the best service in ... Read More

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