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Kaya Kaya Cafe

Quiet and qwaint cafe. Very cosy and great mellow ambience with good choice of slow music from jazz to oldies.

Belge Cafe

Food is excellent. Beer is high quality as well. Rotating food and beer menu. Quaint and romantic, yet nice for

The Daily Fix Cafe

The Daily Fix Cafe is located at Jonker Street. It is housed at the back of a heritage building and

Calanthe Art Café

Off of Jonker Street so you can get out of the busy tourist area. Calanthe Art Cafe is definitely a

AK 47 Café

AK47 is a Thai contemporary cuisine retreat in the heart of Melaka. This restaurant offers you an intricate variety of

Orang Belanda Art Café

Going to Orang Belanda Art Cafe will help you to rediscover fine and healthy mixture of Dutch, French and Swedish

Dutch Harbour Café

Situated on the murky river where the ferry shuffles up and down, you will locate the little restaurant known as

Mei Sin Café

This coffee shop is a traditional Chinese one that’s very popular for breakfast. It is easy to find. It is

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