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Jewel of the Park

The two levels restaurant is offering delicious North and South Indian cuisine. Their decoration setting is very entertaining; beautiful Ganesha paintings. Nice service, excellent ambiance and very attentive and original food plating place this restaurant on ... Read More


Cottage Spices Nyonya Restaurant

The place is not that big; about 8 big tables available. The deciduous smell of Nyonya food is noticeable once you enter the place. Malaysian cuisine to try: asam pedas, lemak sotong, kankung belacan and cincalok ... Read More


McQuek’s Satay Celup

McQuek’s Satay is a clean, spacious and cozy place. There you will find pork, and other types of bean curd, meat, mushrooms and fish based tofu on skewers that are dipped in the steaming satay sauce. ... Read More


Asam Pedas Claypot

It is a restaurant in between houses with excellent price and other local varieties; prompt service and nice drinks. Explosive tastes for those who love hot and spicy. The asam pedas is good and the taste ... Read More


The Windmill Station

The Windmill Station is a classical American and Malaysian food restaurant. To have food in a clean cooling place like this is advisable. Reasonable prices and friendly waiter and waitress are also a good reason; cheaper ... Read More


Mods Café

This is an interestingly decorated place, featuring an old and orange VW beetle which serves as a cashier and coffee drink making station. The inside seating area is trendy and fun little place to stop for ... Read More


Eha Fruit And Veggie Bistro

It seems to be more of a juice bar or an ice-cream place than a café. 3D Durian is a must-try at this bistro. Teo Chew ‘Oni’ paste is served here too; healthful and delicious food. ... Read More


Veni Restaurant

Authentic Indian taste, must try when visiting Melaka. It’s called Kaveri Restaurant. It’s a simple place, but the food is excellent as it taste like home cooked meals. You will love their mutton, fish cakes, potatoes, ... Read More


Klebang Original Coconut Shake

Klebang Original Coconut Shake is located along Jalan Klebang Besar. The coconut shake served by the eatery is considered to be one of the best among drinks that have been created to counter the sweltering climate ... Read More


Peranakan House

The venue was a beautiful old peranakan house, with ornate and intricate carvings and triple courtyard. You would wish that they had converted this to a museum after your meal. It is spacious and cooling with ... Read More

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