Find Western in area

Bucket Bar

Do you want to go out? Are you looking for an intimate place in which you can have fun with

Limau Limau Café

The best place to visit for breakfasts and lunches. The fact that European cuisine place, Limau Limau Café, is owned

Sea Terrace

Sea terrace is a modest local on the Portuguese settlement. The ambience of this restaurant is very good with much

Bistro Year 1673

Located near the south entrance of Jonker Street, Bistro Year 1673 is a place to enjoy eating, chatting and singing

Orang Belanda Art Café

Going to Orang Belanda Art Cafe will help you to rediscover fine and healthy mixture of Dutch, French and Swedish

The River Grill

This place offers very nice Malaysian style fare and some great local food that is a cut above the norm.


Original and friendly message “Food for friendship” is written on the main blackboard. Malaccafe is a little and cute café

Casa Cucina

Casa Cucina is a modern Italian restaurant. The food they offer is an easy one and, of course, prepared with

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