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1336D, Jalan Merdeka , plaza merdeka, 75000 melaka
Tel: +606-2864252

Founded in 1998, Restoran Nyonya Suan serves Southern Nyonya cuisine, which has more influence from Malay and Indonesian style of cooking. You can taste significant flavor of coconut milk and chillies in the dishes.

The food menu is marked with level of spiciness, from 1 chili to 3 chilies. The service is reasonable brisk and there is a small section selling local produces and spices. They are very accommodating to prepare some vegetarian food as well.

The restaurant is located at the corner shop which is within a stone’s throw from Mahkota Parade and Dataran Pahlawan Megamall.

Some Common Dishes

The chef uses fresh pineapple and prawn to cook this soupy dish. There is no sour but sweet pineapple taste in the soup. The balance between pineapple and coconut milk is nice.

Udang Lemak Nenas….RM30(small)..RM50(big)

Terung Goreng Cili (Fried Chilli Eggplant) matches well with white rice. The paste that covered the eggplant was fried chili paste, which is spicy and a little bit salty.

Terung Goreng Cili….RM11(small)..RM17(big)

Ayam Rendang comes with a good smell of lemongrass. The spiciness of rendang paste did not overpower the rest of the spice and the chicken. However, chicken was overcooked.

Ayam Rendang….RM17(small)..RM34(big)

Famous Melaka Location

Recommended Restaurant

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  1. onceinawhile says:

    My family and I tried their food this afternoon. We are all just wondering if the prawns with sambal are supposed to be soft, they tasted as if they weren’t fresh at all. I suppose the fresh prawns should be ‘crispy’ (like fresh prawns). Plus this dish costs rm 30. I don’t think it’s worthy somehow. Correct me if this dish is suppose to be like this, but we won’t go back to that restaurant again. However, their service is brisk and the staff are friendly.

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