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The Stadthuys, Jalan Gereja, Malacca / Melaka 75200

This 17th-century building was the seat of the Dutch administration and now houses a history museum, with the church bell that chimes it bring a calm feeling whist you discover the surrounding of Malacca premier museum.

This place is for you to know a bit about the history of Malacca and Malaysia. The Portuguese came here, the Dutch (who moved on to Indonesia) who were the force behind The Stadthuys, the Clock tower, then the British who ruled Malaysia till 31 August 1957 when it gained Independence. Tourism info has free internet and air conditioner. There is an unerring aura that grabs your senses. Your present is caught in the past; strange. Christ Church beckons, arching into your memory lanes. Queen Victoria’s Fountain – ever majestic; forever sparkling.

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  1. Hong Xi Wen says:

    I beheld a fine specimen of the period’s Dutch architecture as I visited Stadthuys, built as an official residence for the Dutch Governor with his officers in 1960. The 400 years old relics and traditional bridal costumes preserved in the Ethnography Museum and the History Museum were a real pleasure to look at.

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