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No 108 Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Melaka 75250, Malaysia

Opening Days: 7 days a week
Opening Hours: 9.30am-5.30pm

Entrance Fee
Adults: RM20/person
Child: RM10/person
Child below 6 year-old: Free

Straits Chinese Jewellery Museum is located at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock in Melaka. It is housed in a heritage building that represents Baba and Nonya culture. The tour guides in the museum are knowlegeable, friendly and answer to every query. You can choose between English and Chinese for the tour. The furniture and jewellery displayed in the museum show the richness of Perenakan culture. There are many kinds of jewellery. The lack of informative tags makes it tough to understand the purpose of different pieces but the interactive guided tour makes up for it. The tour continues for 45 minutes on average and could last for an hour if you have more questions.


The two storied building is colored in sky blue and the entrance part is a door with windows carved on the walls. Colorful banners, posters and hanging lights strike the eyes.


An old world look and vintage furniture items enhance the appearance of the courtyard. Furniture on display gives an insight on life and culture from a different era. You can also find a well that was a common feature of each household in the old days.

Jewelry Gallery

There are many designs in jewelries displayed in glass closets and wardrobes that depict the life of Straits Chinese in the early days. Classic and vintage furniture items are also in display placed on a corner within the wooden floored gallery. It is a clean and tidy place with enough lighting.

Jewelry Making Equipment

This section displays the jewelry shaping equipment along with some wall photographs. These old machines are placed on a raised platform of wooden tools. Bottled liquids, measurement tools, cutting equipments, and various metallic and wooden made items were common in wealthy Straits Chinese households.

Lifestyle Gallery

This gallery is primarily studded with classic furniture pieces, sofa, mirror dressing table, clothes wardrobe and wooden shelf. One of the corners has a bed decorated stylishly with a door like entry point. Old photographs are placed on the white colored walls.

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