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55 Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker st) Melaka, Malaysia
Opening Hours
Mon: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm
Wed – Sun: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm

The Daily Fix Cafe is located at Jonker Street. It is housed at the back of a heritage building and is owned by Julian, a young chap graduated from the university in Australia. Subtly decorated at the interior, the cafe does not offend the heritage stature of the building. Rather, it adds a new dimension to preservation of such structure. As the guests admire the creative setup in a nostalgic environment, they can enjoy brownies, ice-creams, sandwiches, pancakes, coffee, etc. It is a newly opened cafe, so, it has a small menu and operates for a relatively short period daily.

Front Interior

The front interior of the café is peppy and quirky. It resembles an urban food joint with a laid back ambience. The place is decorated with a lot of creations and is stuffed with many souvenirs.


The backyard portion of the café creates a natures den like ambience. The place is full of green plants and eaters can redefine their taste buds sitting amongst the tranquil and freshness that the place gives out.

Coffee and Desserts

The place serves the irresistible ice cream brownie that is a crowd favorite. The yummy dessert comes with deep chocolate sauce and thick ice cream dollop.

Ice Cream Brownie….RM9.9

The beverage makers brew fresh latte for the eaters. Served in smart glasses the steamed milk drink is made frothy and flavored and is worth the money.

Latte…RM8 (single shot), RM10 (double)

The ham sandwich is a definite try at the Daily Fix Café as the ingredients are very alluring. The thick ham, fresh leafty vegetable and homemade sauce between the closed sided wholemeal bread just hit the right taste buds.

Ham Sandwich….RM14

The sweet Pandan Pancake is a tea time favorite for the eaters here. The very local dish comes with heavy flavor of pandan leaves with fluffy texture.

Pandan Pancake….RM9.9
Interview with Julian, owner of The Daily Fix
Q1. What inspires you to open a cafe in a heritage building?

Julian: It is a fusion of both my interest and passion I would say. I’ve always believed in preserving the heritage and opening a cafe has always been part of the plan. I only apply what I strongly believe into the cafe space, it is still a work in progress.

Q2. With quite a number of specialty cafes available in the Chinatown area, what kinds of concept and value that you want to instill in your business?

Julian: We do our best to provide memorable and personal experience to customers whenever possible through our service, product and environment.

Q3. You are regularly adding new items to your menu. How do you balance food quality over quantity?

Julian: As much as we would like to increase the choices on the menu, we only do so when we are certain of the quality of the new item.

Q4. It seems that you are on the right track in running the business. What do you envision your cafe to be like in 2 years time?

Julian: Extended operating hours and expanded menu. The cafe is only one part of a bigger picture. We also envision a space for art + music, heritage and cultural activities in the future.

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