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Jalan Jawa, Malacca / Melaka, Malaysia 75200

Housed in a refurbished heritage building, Tiny Knock Knock Vacation Home is located at Jalan Jawa, which is at walking distance from Jambatan Kampung Jawa, on the periphery of the UNESCO world Heritage Site in Malacca. It is a tranquil location but close to all the major places of public interest in the city.

There is only 1 bedroom that is sufficiently big and has large windows. The bathroom has rain shower and water heater apart from a rustic western toilet.

Storing Space – Ground Floor

The ground floor of the heritage building is used as the storing space. Fridge, cupboards and some antique items can be found here. All the supplies needed to run the accommodation facility are stored in an organised manner.

Living Room – 1st Floor

At the 1st floor is the living room, which is spacious and decked with a TV, a computer, a dining table set and a few chairs for comfortable seating. It has wooden floor and a small carpet spread in the open space.

Bedroom – Mezzanine Floor

The only bedroom in Tiny Knock Knock is on the mezzanine floor. It can accommodate 4 single mattresses and is refreshingly painted. To keep the structure of the building as is, this vacation home is not equipped with air-condition. Instead, a ceiling and a mounted fan are used to keep the room cool.

Old Street Surroundings

The lane where Tiny Knock Knock is located and the street that serves to that lane bear witness that they are on the periphery of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The locality is loaded with traces of the era gone by.

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