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Teo Chew Bak Kut Teh

Teo chew bak kut teh is a tad bit different, in the sense that the soup is garnished with celery. Everything comes in a clay pot. Oh, you will enjoy the boss, who cooks the bak ... Read More


Rong Mao Restaurant

Rong Mao Restaurant is located at Jalan Tukang Emas in Melaka. It specialises in dim sum. It is especially renowned for tai-paus, char siew paus, tap au, porridge and dim sum. It is considered one of ... Read More


Long Hiang Coffee Shop

Long Hiang Coffee Shop is an old, spacious and comfortable coffee shop tucked at the corner of the main road; a good place to have Malaysian style breakfast, established on year 1942 and it is currently ... Read More


Es.sense Kitchen

This is the place you visit for their buffet high-tea and lunch on separate occasions. The buffet high tea is out of this world! With myriad of international and local cuisines being offered, you are spoilt ... Read More


Dutch Harbour Café

Situated on the murky river where the ferry shuffles up and down, you will locate the little restaurant known as the Dutch Harbour Café; a child-friendly place, warm welcome, prompt service, reasonably priced menu and good ... Read More


German Sausage House

It is located in Cozy hotel and dining there will be one of the most peaceful and cozy experience of nightlife in Melaka. The Chef, that has red cheeks and is greeting the customers humbly, is ... Read More


Harper’s Restaurant and Lounge

Harper’s Restaurant is a great and breezy place that possesses a relaxing atmosphere in a fantastic location, with nice music on the background. Very friendly, cheerful, attentive and pleasing stuff, you will barely have a chance ... Read More


Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball

Hoe Kee is newly renovated, it is clean and spacious. The ambience is like from some old-style Chinese martial arts movie. You can easily feel the old world. There’s usually a long line during lunch time ... Read More


Big Bowl the City Of Ice

This place is always crawling with locals. Taiwanese style desserts, very helpful and helping to choose your desserts stuff and the calm atmosphere are good enough to cool your day. The desserts are prepared beautifully and ... Read More


Restoran Aunty Lee

Getting to Aunty Lee Restoran is a little tricky as this small shop house is located in a housing estate in Ujong Pasir. Going there will be almost like going back to someone’s grandmother. Hoe made ... Read More

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