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Sirocco Restaurant

Sirocco suits perfect for either a romantic meal, a meal with friends or a business meeting for anyone who are looking for a fancy and a very nice restaurant. They are having a diverse menu for ... Read More


East & West Rendezvous Café

This café is a quiet and little place in Melaka that offers good service, best Asian cuisine and the stuff is always smiling and helpful. The lady owner is making Nyonya ‘Chang’ (Chinese dumpling), with natural ... Read More


Restaurant D’ Tandoori House

A place can be judged according to its owner. Restaurant D’ Tandoori House’s owner is a very nice and personable guy, which is willing to customize dishes if you wish. The Northern Indian cuisine is authentically ... Read More


Restoran Nyonya Suan

Founded in 1998, Restoran Nyonya Suan serves Southern Nyonya cuisine, which has more influence from Malay and Indonesian style of cooking. You can taste significant flavor of coconut milk and chillies in the dishes. The food ... Read More


Malaccana Restaurant

Malaccana Restaurant is located close to Ayer Keroh Highway and is remarkable for its interior beauty. The environment inside the restaurant is quite decent and sophisticated. The restaurant authority is very strict in maintaining decorum of ... Read More


Lao San Café

Great River’s edge location with very limited menu, though food is tasty and reasonable priced. The homemade chendol with no artificial colorings tastes very authentic and delicious. This dish is made with love. The fragrant pandan ... Read More


Hard Rock Cafe Melaka

Hard Rock Cafe Melaka was designed to match the old charm of Melaka with the state of the art building and architecture. It is a comfortable dining area overlooking the infamous Dutch Square. Looking through the ... Read More


Putu Piring Stall

Putu Piring Stall is a stall outside the vendors’ home, looked clean and very well-organized. The vendors were pleasant despite being always busy making Putu Piring, very fragrant, soft, moist and fluffy unlike any other places. ... Read More


Wa Zen Japanese Restaurant

If you are going to Melaka and are looking for a nice place to enjoy Japanese cuisine, this is the place to go. Service is quick, food is delicious with plenty of offers, very nice presentation, ... Read More

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