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Jonker 88

Vintage style restaurant, great family atmosphere, smiling stuff, amazing Nyonya cuisine and really fast self-service make this place special. The dining area inside is very authentic with many historical items to explore and look. At the ... Read More


Food Panda

Melaka is a fun-filled city with wide range of restaurants. Read more about the best restaurants in Melaka here. Foodpanda is an online food delivery service in Malaysia. Currently, the service is available in Kuala Lumpur, ... Read More


Veggie Planet

Veggie Planet Restaurant offers delicious vegetarian cuisine, made on healthy eating principles with carefully selected ingredients – food for body and soul. The ingredients and spices are used in optimal proportions to provide balance, harmony, life ... Read More

Best of 2016

The Baboon House

The Baboon House wishes to revitalize the spirit of true Melaka hospitality and American culinary passion on the Historic Jonker Walk Street. The showcase of art pieces, the original baboon interiors, the dense garden, the son-bathing ... Read More


Calanthe Art Café

Off of Jonker Street so you can get out of the busy tourist area. Calanthe Art Cafe is definitely a family restaurant that offers Malaysian cuisine, coffee varieties from all 13 States of Malaysia and free ... Read More


Food Paradise

Looking for a hearty meal without burning a hole in your pocket? There is no hidden cost at FOOD PARADISE – every dish is priced at RM6.50nett! Tucked in a quiet nook of a fully air-conditioned ... Read More


Zheng He Tea House

Zheng He Tea House is the perfect place to see the fascinating, the informative and the unique traditional Chinese tea ceremony. The owner will serve you two types of tea in a ceremony style, and will ... Read More


Bikini Toppings

This is a new cozy ice-cream café. This shop has its own unique designs, such as using coconut shell for the lightings and the signage of the shop was really cute. They offer all coconut favorites ... Read More


Riverine Coffeehouse

Delicious Nonya cuisine and the spectacular Melaka river traffic is the perfect combination of great food and beautiful scenery. Riverine Coffeehouse is a small restaurant with one inside and other outside dining places. The perfectly balanced ... Read More

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