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Nancy’s Kitchen Restaurant

With a decor that will send you in ancient China, Nancy’s Kitchen Restaurant offers an intimate atmosphere, the most delicious Baba-Nyonya dishes and a brilliant service. If you have not tried before Baba-Nyonya cuisine this is ... Read More


RainForest Coffee Bean

The combination between the antique décor and the strongly flavored coffees and pastries form a what-you-need ambiance. You can either enjoy your coffee surrounded by antique furniture inside the shop or just sit in the front ... Read More


Deepam Restaurant

Hidden away from the noise and dust of the mad city, located in the outskirts of Melaka, lies a culinary gem: Deepam Restaurant. A nicely built eating place with fantastic food, decent price, great service and ... Read More


Olio Italian Restaurant

If you want a European nice and quite atmosphere and the Italian cuisine, than Olio Italian Restaurant is the best place to go. Free all your five senses to enjoy the fresh savor of the sea ... Read More



Looks like a cookhouse where you can order directly from trays of food on display. The dinning atmosphere is suitable for a big group or families with children as the tables are easily available and Indian ... Read More


Halia Inc Coffee Bar & Restaurant

Decent western food and coffee, attentive stuff, large outdoor seating area available and large windows panel for diner to enjoy the river view to the fullest without compromising the comfort. What else do you need to ... Read More


Honky Tonk Haven Café

This little café offers Mediterranean cuisine and relaxing atmosphere. Here you will be welcomed with a smile and a friendly attitude. The owners Joe and his wife Jill will ensure that you get the special treatment, ... Read More


Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant

If you are looking for an intimate place, especially as there are not so many in Melaka, go to Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant. In a pleasant ambience and with a good music you can try the ... Read More


Bucket Bar

Do you want to go out? Are you looking for an intimate place in which you can have fun with friends until morning? You’ve found the perfect place – Bucket Bar. A place where you can ... Read More


San Pedro Restaurant

San Pedro Restaurant’s meals are an occasion that family, friends, colleagues or business partners to gather together at lunch or dinner and therefore to eat never on the run. Forget about those expensive restaurants for tourist. ... Read More

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