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Little Momma

Open air served Chinese, English, Nonya or Malaysian cuisines on the lake’s shore at noon or in late evening sprinkled with good tea is the right choice for anyone who is looking for relaxing atmosphere. Little ... Read More


Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine

Going to Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine will help you to rediscover fine and healthy dishes and also you will feel a bit of mystery of rice served in traditional baskets. The tasteful dishes charm sits in ... Read More


Limau Limau Café

The best place to visit for breakfasts and lunches. The fact that European cuisine place, Limau Limau Café, is owned by a local Chinese woman, Sharen, is a great reason to go there and to make ... Read More


Restoran Tong Sheng

Chinese cuisine prepared with the freshest and best ingredients that ensure both the quality of its preparations and good health of their customers. Location is very strategic as it just nearby the Makota shopping area and ... Read More


Nyonya Cendol

At Cendol’s you will find great, authentic and very cheap Nyonya cuisine. Try anything from the menu and you will not go wrong. The fillings are authentic with pretty generous portions. The restaurant is designed for ... Read More


Long Fatt Teow Chew Porridge

The ambiance is that old, that you will feel yourself like in a museum or in a black and white movie. Great varieties of authentic Teochew cuisine and homey atmosphere will make you relax and have ... Read More


The Bridge Street Café

A small café, situated right in the middle of an alley, where you can enjoy a drink. You will find yourself surrounded by 60th to 70th style of decoration. Place for you to share some story ... Read More


Eleven Bistro & Eleven Bistro

Eleven can easily become your family’s favorite dining spot. The service is friendly and quick. There is a choice of flavors though you will not recognize many Portuguese originals in the menu, because of a unique ... Read More


Sea Terrace

Sea terrace is a modest local on the Portuguese settlement. The ambience of this restaurant is very good with much to view on the walls and surroundings. The friendly staff always greets you cordially and is ... Read More


Bistro Year 1673

Located near the south entrance of Jonker Street, Bistro Year 1673 is a place to enjoy eating, chatting and singing with the live band. Nice big fans to keep you cool. Wi-Fi provided. It serves Malaysian ... Read More

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