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A’famosa Resort
Jalan Kemus, Melaka / Melaka 78000

Walk into the land of enchanting animals; see the ferocious fangs of a tiger and touch docile rabbits, all in one place at A’ Famosa Safari Wonderland. Ride on horses, camels and elephants. ‘Walk –thru’ area is beautifully landscaped and makes for a pleasant walk pass spacious enclosures with varies of animals, including: greater flamingos, swans, amusing raccoons, camel, peacock and the dinosaur’s ancestors, the emu and the ostriches. Feel the thrills of an animal safari; ride on our secure truck – make the giraffes peer and tigers glare in their ‘Safari Adventure’ ride.

Cruise the river to ‘Monkey Island’ on a raft, to see witty little capuchins, brown lemurs, monkey squirrels and white-handed gibbons. Even touch and feed monkeys. Visiting the Farm House you will realize that variety of egg; chicken and rabbit that you didn’t see before. Have a closer look at the tigers during the feeding show by the keepers. It operates between 9am and 5 pm every day.

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  1. Roy Solomon says:

    I will be coming with a group of young people tomorrow the 20th of June.
    Hope to have a great time there.


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