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36&38 Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street), Melaka 75200, Malaysia

The combination between the antique décor and the strongly flavored coffees and pastries form a what-you-need ambiance. You can either enjoy your coffee surrounded by antique furniture inside the shop or just sit in the front table facing the bustling Jonker Street and watch people go by. The staff is friendly and it is a good spot to stop for coffee on your stroll through Chinatown. Go and get a good fresh brewed cappuccino.


In the ground floor of two preserved building, while both entrances lead you to the joint antique shop and cafe, the entrance to the cafe is more prominent on the right side. Food items are pictured on the outer walls. A road leading to the venue runs horizontally through the shop.

Cafe in Antique Shop

The inner cafe has seating with table set comfortable for more than 10 patrons at a time. Walls are studded with heritage art items and antique furniture is every where. It is a unique experience to be surrounded by antique objects while having your coffee. The concept is well developed to be a two way attraction for visitors.

Freshly Ground Coffee Powder

Various types of coffee powders are stuffed in brownish packs with some informative description over it. It is placed in different platforms of a big wooden shelf kept in one of the corners. On the left to this section is the entrance to the seats and tables.

Food Menu

The beverage is a coffee drink containing espresso and steamed milk. Sugar can be poured over in desired quantities. It is best to sip over a conversation after a tiring day out.

Cafe Latte….RM8

The cold drink is light yellowish but that doesn’t discount the strong taste of coffee. Served in glasses, there is teaspoon along with a thin sipper for comfortable sipping experience.

Ice Blended Hazelnut Coffee….RM12

The creamy cheesecake is slightly caramelized on the topmost part. Blueberries are stuffed in the middle portion and the crust is layed at the bottom. Scoop from the top to the bottom and you’ll get the perfect texture and richness of this must-try dessert.

Blueberry Cheese Cake

Famous Melaka Location

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One Response to RainForest Coffee Bean

  1. Hermann eibold says:

    Hello to everyone, especially to the owner.
    I was visiting your shop on december 2014 and i was very excited both of your coffe shop and even more of the wonderful antiquities.
    My attention has been especially attracted by 4 wooden carvings hanging over the entrence desk .
    Showing the 8 immortals, four pices reprecenting each two of them.
    Are they still available?
    May you kindly tell me the value and costs of shippingh to Switzerland incuding tax if you know(as you mentioned is possible)
    How long will itz take till they arrive in Switzerland?
    I`m seriously interested.
    They are meant to be agift for the 8th anyversary of our kungfu school.
    Our sifu is roland Mastel and our sigung is Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.Our sitaigungs areUncle Rigtheousness(Lai Chin Wah) and Sitaigung Ho Fatt Nam
    Please give me the honour to fullfill this dreamgift for our Sifu
    Tank you for your kind answer

    Hao Yun Chi
    Hermann Seibold

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