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Kampung Kling Mosque

Kampung Kling Mosque

Kampung Kling is located on Jalan Tukang Emas, what was called Harmony Street. This mosque is 150 years old and has a unique 3-tiered pyramidal roof and 6-tiered Chinese pagoda like minaret. You can walk inside ... Read More



Sam Po Kong Temple

This is a small temple located at the foot of Bukit China. There is a well-known ancient well that is located right at the side of this temple. 100 meters to the right of the temple ... Read More



Kite Museum

This museum is located on the fourth floor of the building housing the People’s Museum in Melaka. The Kite Museum explicates how, since its invention, the kite has served Man as a means of long distance ... Read More



Architecture Museum of Malaysia

The Architecture Museum of Malaysia is one of several museum visits you can make on Jalan Kota Street which runs along the bottom of St. Paul’s Hill just back Dutch Square. This museum is another specialist ... Read More



Hang Li Poh Well

It’s just like an ordinary well to an average person but to a historian, this well has its history. It’s is said that this well never dries up even during the drought season. So it was ... Read More



British Graveyard

In 1829, the British ruler in Malacca demanded Daerah Naning to remit their taxes amounting to 10% of their total harvests, as tribute to Malacca. The Naning ruler, Datuk Dol Said turned down the request because ... Read More



Melaka Umno Museum

Melaka Umno Museum is located along Jalan Kota, in Bandar Hilir, which is the museum belt of Malacca. The museum showcases historical exhibits related to the founding and struggles. Among the items displayed are old photographs, ... Read More



Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary

Sprawled over an 11 acre jungle site, the Malacca Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary was first opened to the public on the 1st February 1991. Within Malaysia, the sanctuary has now established itself as a major tourist ... Read More



Keris Landmark

Keris Landmark is a large bronze sculpture of Keris, which means “dagger” in Malay, rests on an elevated platform in the centre of the Alor Gajah town Square. The Keris is a symbol of the Alor ... Read More



Sri Muthu Mariamman Alayam Temple

This is one of Malacca’s most famous Indian temples. It serves hundreds of people each year especially during festivities. Many temples are in key geographical points, such as a hill top, near waterfalls, caves and rivers, ... Read More

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