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Jalan Tukang Emas, Melaka / Melaka 75200

Kampung Kling is located on Jalan Tukang Emas, what was called Harmony Street. This mosque is 150 years old and has a unique 3-tiered pyramidal roof and 6-tiered Chinese pagoda like minaret. You can walk inside of the little garden and see the inside of the mosque. This temple is located right beside a Chinese temple and an Indian temple. It is around the vicinity of Jonker Walk. Good to go in and take a look when you are there. The acceptance of people with different religious belief to live together in harmony is observed. This charming mosque is not large but it is more attractive than many of the modern giants which can be found around the peninsula. Unlike these glossy behemoths, this little 18th century mosque has character. You can feel the effects of the former colonial power.


Located at Harmony Street, the mosque has the look which is built in Hindu and Chinese style. The flowing white paint with a minaret gives it a colonial feel. The entrance has an arch and the main building is gulfed with boundaries.


The interiors of the mosque are done with Victorian and Portugese tiles which give it glowing walls. The minaret is like a pagoda with an ancient English chandelier which is very catchy. The walking area is surrounded by a balcony and the ablution pool has steps leading to it.

Prayer Hall

The prayer hall has Greek columns with a wooden pulpit that has Hindu and Chinese inflicts. The ablution pool has Moorish lights on the sides to well lit the area. The floor has a purple carpet and fitted with ceiling fans.

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