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Lebuh Ayer Keroh, Malacca / Melaka 75200

Sprawled over an 11 acre jungle site, the Malacca Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary was first opened to the public on the 1st February 1991. Within Malaysia, the sanctuary has now established itself as a major tourist attraction in the fast growing historical city of Malacca. Not only does the flying of the butterfly brings in thousands of tourist to the Sanctuary, amazingly, the magical friendship between the butterflies and reptiles in the sanctuary has also attracted the Lizards, the Amphibians, the Crocodilians, the Mammals, the Birds and last but not least, the Koi in the Koi Garden. The butterflies are well cared for with lots of host plant cuttings placed there for the females to lay their eggs. The exhibit is dominated by Jacinta Egg fly and Yellow Glassy Tiger butterflies, but you also will see some Great Orange Tip, Great Helen, Leopard Lacewing and others. Visit this sanctuary and get a good experience for family outing.

Butterfly Sanctuary

Colourful butterflies are bred in natural conditions which contains over 20 different species. Malayan Birdwing, Black and White Helen and Malaysian National Butterflies are present. These creatures fly from flower to flower gaining nectar and delighting the eyes of the watcher. For children it could be a learning experience.

Bird Sanctuary

Visitors are introduced to the species of bird including parrots and hummingbird here. The whitish albino peacock and Burung Emu is also there. Jendaya Conure will be surely heartening to the bird watchers here. Photographers can also click as many pictures as they want in this corner of the mini zoo.

Reptile Sanctuary

Boas, pythons, cobras and long nose snakes thrill the senses with their scales, mobility and postures. The gigantic Burmese python and 20 foot reticulated python species are also present. Lizards are also there to entice animal lovers equally.

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