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26, Jalan Tukang Besi, Jonker, Malacca / Melaka, Malaysia 75200

Layang Layang Guesthouse is a good pleasant guesthouse that is housed in one of the heritage buildings in Chinatown. The courtyard has a water feature and garden that the visitors can leisure around. The guesthouse enjoys great location that the residents get to access the prime attractions of Melaka within walking distance. With the friendly owners and staff who help you out diligently with your travel needs, you’ll get a more pleasant stay than other guesthouses in the area.

Basic commodities are given and the rooms are neat and air conditioned. The drawback about this guesthouse is that the rooms are poor in sound insulation as the flooring is made of wood in the first level and the wall partition are made of plywood. Therefore, when someone walks on the first level, the stepping sound is clearly audible beneath in the ground level.


The exterior is painted in white with cemented pillars supporting the upper floor. The roof has hut like tiles in red that is common in heritage building in the area. Small Chinese chandeliers are hung from the ceiling which is low in height.

Cozy Lobby

The lobby is spacious with chairs and recliners made of timber. One side of the wall is made up quirkily with a kid bicycle and guitars for display. In addition it also has a wall painting which gives a hip feeling to the lobby.

Garden Courtyard

The guesthouse has a fresh garden courtyard which has a variety of plants. A common bathroom and hand washing area is also there with rustic styled sinks. The courtyard has a small rectangular water feature with a wooden plank on its side.

Small Standard Room

The single room is small and cozy with a queen’s bed placed in the centre. Rooms are separated with wooden partition painted in white and gray. A small round side table is also provided and the ceiling has a ball shaped light chandelier.

Bicycle Rental

The guesthouse also provides bicycle rental for its guest. The colorful cycles with fitted baskets are parked at a small brightly painted area. The hotel charges RM5 per day for a bicycle.

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