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88, Lorong Hang Jebat, Melaka 75200, Malaysia

Tuk Tuk Kitchen and Bar serves authentic Thai delicacies. The restaurant has a very unique décor and is recommended for quality Thai food in Melaka. The menu scales in the grill fish platter but the service is not that fast. The restaurant also offers soft music for their diners.

At the back of the second floor has bar-like setting that is cozy and overseeing the Melaka River. This as a result offers the foodies with both taste and sight. The restaurant also provides beer that goes in handy with the spicy food. A casual and quirky place for the budget eaters, the Tuk Tuk kitchen is worth a visit.

With a cool atmosphere and decent service, Tuk Tuk can quite be an ideal joint for core Thai food encounter.

Interior @ Ground Level

Greeted with 2 Thai figurines when stepping in, the restaurant is decorated with artifacts and paintings that are urban yet traditional. The walls and ceiling are vibrantly painted in many layers. The furniture adds more charm to the overall interior.

Interior @ 2nd Level and River View

Walking up the wooden stair will reach the 2nd level where you can enjoy a glass of beer overseeing Melaka River. Decorated very mild and simply compared to the first level, the scenic riverview makes it up.

Thai Food

Thai Fish Cake is unbattered, which retain more of the fresh taste of the fish and herbs. Dip it in the sweet sour sauce make this dish even more flavorful. Simply delicious!

Thai Fish Cake….RM12

The Papaya Salad is so savory as fresh ingredients are used that combines the five main tastes: sour lime, hot chili, salt, fish sauce and sugar. The tanginess comes from the green papaya giving the texture that is crisp and firm.

Thai Papaya Salad….RM9

This Tom Yam Seafood Soup is the milky type with authentic taste. Drink it hot and it uplifts the spirit as well as the body.

Tom Yam Seafood Soup….RM18

The fresh snapper is first stuffed with lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, coated with coarse salt and then barbequed to perfection. As the salt forms a seal around the fish, locking in its moisture, it is so juicy that it almost melts in your mouth! It is best to go with the hot chilli sauce that is made specially for this dish.

Thai Style BBQ Fish….RM30

When you order this dish, make sure you eat it fast to taste the crunchiness of the fried noodle before it gets soggy when soak too long in the curry soup.

Northern Thai Curry Noodles with Drumstick….RM12

There are many ways to prepare Pad Thai and Tuk Tuk’s version comprises chewy-perfect stirred rice noodles along with tofu, shrimp, egg and spring onion. Sided with bean sprouts, grounded peanuts and chilli powder, the combination is quite overwhelming.

Pad Thai….RM12

Due to some missing ingredients, the appearance of the Green Curry Chicken doesn’t look like what it supposed to be when we tried it. And the substitute ingredients make the taste too sweet and artificial.

Green Curry Chicken….RM12

The marinated chicken wrapped in fresh pandan leaves is fried over a medium heat. We would, however prefer the bake option as it is less oily. The taste is similar to satay, but juicier and more aromatic. It is certainly a good starter that goes extremely well with beer.

Pandan Leaf Chicken Wrap….RM10

Mango Sticky Rice is a classic Thai dessert but it is not for everyone as every ingredient used has sweet nature. It is good that Tuk Tuk tones down the sweetness and make it more receptive to the mass.

Mango Sticky Rice….RM8

Interview with Kah Fei, owner of Tuk Tuk Kitchen
Q1. Can you share with us the culinary background of your chefs?

Kah Fei: Originally from Bangkok, our Thai chef Kritsada Piankhunthot has more than 10 years experience in Thai Culinary. He came to Malaysia and ventured his carrier since 2010 and work with The Company till today.

He started as a kitchen helper from a well known Thai Restaurant since he was young. He obtained uncountable experiences and learnings during his work and within 2 years he has promoted as 2nd Chef and eventually promoted as Head Chef a year after.

Q2. How did you come about the idea of opening a Thai restaurant in a heritage building?

Kah Fei: The ideas came when i visited Melaka a couple of times this year and i was attracted and amazed by the beauty and the structure of the heritage building. After a couple of researches, I see that there is no Thai restaurant in the area and coincidently, my friend invited me to open a business here. So I was lucky enough to open a Thai restaurant at the center of Melaka in the heritage area.

Q3. What are the steps taken to ensure the food is always in good quality?

Kah Fei: Being in the industry for more than 10 years, the key step to ensuring food quality lies in employing a consistent chef as the head chef of the outlet. Consistency involves right formulas in making & creating the pastes and sauces. Currently all the outlets’ head chef required at least 1 year of working experience before getting promoted.

Regular feedback from the customers are important too to ensure the food qualities are on the right track.

Q4. You already own 2 restaurants in KL and Tuk Tuk Kitchen and Bar is the first being setup in another state. What are the challenges you face running a restaurant outside of KL?

Kah Fei: The main challenge will be the manpower as we face difficulty in hiring staffs in the key positions. To overcome it, the initial team is directly employed from KL and work in Melaka.

The other challenges will be the differences of market environments in term of targeted human traffic. As the location of Tuk Tuk is primarily targeting tourists, our business is quite “seasonal”.

Famous Melaka Location

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  1. john says:

    Great authentic Thai food, affordable price, good service, a must visit if go Melaka, thumbs up! 😉

  2. olivia says:

    love the environment so much! the food is fantastic and really delicious!! friendly service…reasonable food price!! i must said good place to chill out with friends!!

  3. Ranjini says:

    Food is good but they dont offer for group people mostly for individual orders and the portions are quiet small.

  4. randy wong says:

    The decoration in Tuk Tuk is really impress’s really makes me feel I’m in Thailand! The food is amazing! I love the river view from the. Balcony..
    Service…… good

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