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Malacca / Melaka 75350
This fascinating hillside burial ground has a storied past; it should, as it dates back to the Ming dynasty. This was a popular spot for joggers. There are 20,000 graves, all Chinese and buried according to Feng Shui. It is a fabulous running spot as there are paths all over, you can spend 30-60 minutes exploring all the routes and you’ll meet a lot of other runners and joggers. Go there at 6 or 7p.m. when it’s cooler and you’ll get gorgeous views over Melaka of the sunset, or you could try sunrise if you’re up early! It’s pretty peaceful and wooded. If you consider doing a tour of Malacca it is strongly recommended taking a guide to tell you all about the history and detailed stories you would not find out doing it alone. This place has over 500 years old – some tombs are well preserved, others are like sunken to the ground.

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  1. Chong Rui Ting says:

    The place is full of graves in Chinese style. So, if you have some fantasies regarding graves you will enjoy the place otherwise there is nothing interesting. However, the networks of paths are used for jogging purpose, which is why many tourists visit this place.

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