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No.25 Jalan ToKong 5, Malacca / Melaka 75200

Built in 1645 and taking pride in being an oldest Chinese temple in Malaysia, this temple is a unique confluence of Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism. The restoration is done with a lot of craftsmanship. On entering the temple grounds, one drifts into an unexplainable calm. As the smoke from incense and sandalwood lull your being, you are brought back to your senses by the tingle in your smarting eyes. The wall panel, ceiling décor, inimitable shrines urns, temple utensils and artifacts – drugs your senses. The view from the entrance arch is panoramic. You swing your eyes from complete left to right to take in the temple in full. The single storey structure is not an overpowering sight, but is a humbling one. There are joss sticks, joss papers on sale for one to make offerings in prayer. The history behind this modest temple is real, back to the original Chinese settlement in Melaka in the 1500s, and it is well maintained at considerable expense. Admission is free.

Prayer Hall

The prayer hall invites the devotees with charming incense stick smoke that enchants the mind. The old structure of the prayer hall is sublime if not overpowering. Joss sticks and joss papers can be bought before offering prayers.

Sophisticated Door Entrance

The entrance gives a complete view of the one storey structure. The arch door is done with a lot of artistry and one simply gets lost in its historic grandeur.

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