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Jonker St, Melaka / Melaka 75200
This museum is a real hundred plus year old family home that has been faithfully maintained, and is now a unique and truly authentic Peranakan experience, complete in every way. It represents beautiful furniture, unique decor, and a truly magical ambience. Nice place with very neatly maintained its old heritage. The house is simple but carefully restored with many personal collectables. Visit the Malacca Heritage Centre and enter a place untouched by time, a place where a unique heritage has been meticulously maintained, a place that is still a family and ancestral home, filled with the objects and spirit of the Peranakan culture of Malacca, as it’s been for more than a hundred years. Featured at the Centre is a large collection of Peranakan furniture, antiques, ceramics, and wedding paraphernalia, including gold thread wedding costumes and elaborately decorated ranjang loksan (bridal bed), adorned with tassels, embroidery, and intricate bead work.

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