Villa Sentosa (Malay Living Museum)

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138 Jalan Kampung Morten, Malacca / Melaka 75200
This tiny museum is actually a Malaysian house showing how a typical Malaysian family lives. The lady owner of the house was the granddaughter of the original owner of the house. She will show you, with pride, the whole house, complete with all the original furniture and table wares. The walls have pictures of family and family trees. It will be interesting to see all the ornaments and trinkets they have collected over the years, as well as learning about what the area used to be like, and seeing examples of traditional Malay style furniture and decor. You have got to try out the Malay bride and groom chairs too. It’s great that you can do this for just a small donation. An interesting look back at around a hundred years of history and a glimpse into what it would be like to live as a (presumably very wealthy) Malay fifty years ago.

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